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Posted on 02-27-2018

“My kid is healthy and thriving” – You would be surprised to know, but rarely do I EVER hear these words.  The words I hear most out of parents are “my kid keeps getting ear infections” “I had to take my kid to get antibiotics again” or my personal favorite “it’s a viral thing, but I got antibiotics for it, so it should be good”.  It is a crazy, messed up world we live in, an each and every single day I cringe at what some parents are telling me about their kids and their overall health. 

Our bodies are equipped with quite the hardware.  We are able to fight off infections and viruses all the time.  We encounter these things on a daily basis through other people, environments, dogs, weather, dust etc.  Most of the time our body is capable of defeating these things without the use of medication, if our immune system is functioning at its very highest!  The only way to have a strong immune system is to allow the body to learn and recognize these bad things. 

The way I always put this to parents and patients is like this…When my child or myself needs an antibiotic, I want it to work, period.  However when a small child has lets say an ear infection off and on for months or years, and the common treatment is an antibiotic, our immune system recognizes that it doesn’t need to fight this off because it will soon have an antibiotic to “kill it”.  So in a way our immune system gets suppressed from constantly having antibiotics in our system. The kicker in all this is the new MRSA strains out there.  These are totally resistant to antibiotics, and do not respond well to any treatment.  So all of sudden the antibiotics do not work, and our immune system is suppressed.  As you can see this is not a situation ANYONE wants to be in.

So when I say that I want an antibiotic to work if that is my last resort, that means that my immune system better be functioning well too.  You cannot have a healthy immune system when you are giving antibiotics all the time.  Slowly MD’s are starting to realize this, and are implementing ways to keep people off of antibiotics, but it is a slow process.  I hear it more and more now that “my doctor said I have to wait a week for it to be treatable with antibiotics”.  This is a better scenario in my opinion. 

Over the past 10 years I have only once been on an antibiotic.  I had a cough that was nagging for a month, went in, was treated, and it was not resolved with that antibiotic.  It took me another month of trying to get my immune system working well to see the results.  Relying on the antibiotic or the quick fix all the time is the way to end up really sick.  They never really find out the true cause of the sickness, they just make a guess most of the time!

The moral of this is always make sure you give your body a chance to fight off common infections/colds etc.  You need to let your immune system recognize its enemies and fight them.  This is why with kids we strive to get them the highest functioning immune systems possible through allowing their nervous system to work as well as possible.  Removing interference from the nervous system is what we are great at as Chiropractors.  Every adjustment we do, allows our nervous system to do what its supposed to do, which is helping us live!

We see results all the time in our office.  Kids on regular care are always the kids that rarely go to the medical doctor.  The kids who sleep the best.  The kids who show more attention in class.  The kid who excels at sports.  The results speak for themselves. 

I want more parents to know that there is a better way to keep their kids healthy, and Chiropractic is a great way to make sure their kid is functioning at their best.  I want to hear more parents say “my kid is healthy and thriving”.

We are here to answer any questions you have and look forward to helping you navigate the craziness of medicine out there!

Dr. Jace  

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